Germany Lipolysis Substance super line Cold Freeze Shaping Body


Germany Lipolysis Substance super line Cold Freeze Shaping Body Weight Loss Anti Cellulite Fat Burner Body Slimming Therapy

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Germany Lipolysis Substance superline Cold Freeze Shaping Body Weight Loss Anti Cellulite Fat Burner Body Slimming Therapy

principle: The German post-natal repair patent and the traditional Chinese medicine acupoint principle are used to achieve the effects of slimming, shaping and health maintenance. Therefore, there is no harm. It can also regulate the cold and gynecological problems of the palace, achieve the effect of helping the pregnancy, and also be able to go to the vice milk and rich. package. Fat-dissolving line is a new type of weight loss that belongs to fat decomposition. It will make you lose a lightning bolt in 10 days. German fat-dissolving line weight loss is the use of pure plant-derived fat-soluble lines into the acupoints, softening, decomposing and absorbing in the human body, and transforming the body’s fat into water and carbon dioxide to be metabolized outside the body to achieve the purpose of weight loss.


1. Nucleic acid base: It is an essential nutrient element of the human body; regulate endocrine, improve immunity; delay aging; resist three high, anti-cancer and other effects!

2. Peptide: It is a substance between amino acid and protein. It is an organic compound that enhances the body’s immunity, activates cell activity, removes harmful free radicals, repairs damaged cells, and promotes and maintains normal cells. Metabolism.

3. Soy protein fiber fat: Protein is an important part of the human body. Soy protein can be converted into amino acids needed by the human body to improve immunity. It belongs to dietary fiber, which can produce satiety during weight loss and reduce food. Ingestion; effectively block the absorption of fats and carbohydrates!

4, soft phospholipids: phospholipids, also known as phospholipids, are complex lipids, the role of clearing blood vessel waste, protecting the liver, brain and brain, preventing constipation, beauty, softening blood vessels, regulating three high. Quickly dissolve blood and visceral fat, regulate normal body fat levels!

5. Lipolysis enzyme: Lipoa lipase is the core component of the body’s decomposition, transformation and fat reduction. It can inhibit the absorption of excess oil in the human body, and accelerate the rate of fat decomposition in fat cells and increase the metabolic rate of fat.

Installation process:

1. Open the product, take out the fat line and put it into the solution for

2-3 minutes. 2. Prepare the tweezers to put the soaked fat line into the needle tube, and reserve 1 cm line at the needle.

3. Unscrew the fat dissolving instrument and put the injection head with the installed line into the instrument.

4. Adjust the distance of the instrument according to the thickness of the fat Operate according to the point of the acupuncture point

Operating procedures:

1. Prepare the materials;

2. Novice operation can be fixed according to the acupuncture point;

3. The part to be operated is first disinfected with 75 degrees alcohol first and then disinfected with iodophor for the second time;

4. Operation once every 10 days, once for 3-5 minutes; 3 times for one treatment


1. Before the treatment of fat-dissolving fat therapy, it is necessary to confirm that there is no ulceration, infection or redness in the treatment;

2, the dissolved fat line before weight-loss treatment to confirm the health of the treated person, no fever, feeling, chronic diseases (such as diabetes, heart disease) and infectious diseases (such as hepatitis B, AIDS), it is best to avoid women’s menstrual period;

3, dissolved fat line before and after treatment to do local disinfection;

4, after the fat-soluble line weight loss treatment, needs ice;

5, the fat-soluble line can not be washed locally within 24 hours after weight loss treatment;

6, can not drink coffee and tea within 48 hours after the fat-dissolving line


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